Project 33: Poetic Portals

This breath-taking collection of poetry takes you on a wander through the magical verse of British/Ghanaian Poet Miss Yankey. ‘Project 33: Poetic Portals’ is a thoughtful and expressive first collection which will be presented in three volumes.

Offering a unique collaboration between poetry and art, each volume will introduce a different theme, and open a portal into a world of assorted experiences and perspectives. Miss Yankey brings her Poetry alive with vivid imagery and beautiful verse, as she ponders life, and the Universe. The messages and symbolism of totems are also drawn upon, with each volume represented by its very own animal totem.

Together, the three volumes combined will eventually be available in limited edition print, e-book and audio format; ensuring that it can be enjoyed by as many as possible. However you choose to experience Project 33, with each poem you are guaranteed to be transported to a new pair of shoes; and a new point of view.  

Miss Yankey is currently looking for creatives to collaborate with to bring each volume to life. Below is a little more detail about each volume, along with some information about the kind of creatives Miss Yankey is hoping to connect with.

Vol. 1 – Spirit Totem Trip is an expression of love, fear, spirituality, and the age old question of ‘what is the meaning of life?’. It also explores the sadness of mankind’s disconnection from Mother Nature, and a yearning to reconnect with her. Miss Yankey’s thoughtful use of nature symbolism, imagery and metaphors are simply stunning. Spirit Totem Trip opens a portal into quiet contemplation, peace and relaxation; whilst inspiring introspection.

*Creatives required* Artists who are confident in creating mandala style pieces- for example:

Vol. 2 – Black Spider Spirit is inspired by the creative feminine energy represented by the spider, and weaves a web of personal and political poetry from the heart. Touching on issues that many shy away from; it is an honest, emotive and thoughtful response to the social, political, economical and historical experience of Black people- in poetic form. More importantly it is a representation of Black poetry and art in celebration of Black beauty, Black strength, Black resilience, Black Love, and Black empowerment. It resonates with many of the values of #Blackpower #Blackgirlmagic and #Blacklivesmatter, in addition to addressing history and current affairs.

Within this body of work Miss Yankey has touched on topics to include the African diaspora, racism, the identity of someone of mixed heritage, the Black woman, African history, and Black innovation. In a world in which the word Black has become wrongly and purposefully attached to much pain, struggle and fearful association, Black Spider Spirit is in essence an ode to everything that is beautiful, positive and powerful about the Black community. It is unapologetic in its repetition of the word Black, making it a purposeful and empowering positive affirmation. 

*Creatives required* Artists who can create original works in response to the poetry. For example:

Vol. 3- The Caterpillar Life: This portal transports you straight into the hearts and minds of everyday people, and is all about finding empathy and understanding for others experiencing profound emotion, change, and transition. Each poem captures a glimpse of thoughts and feelings that are familiar to many of us; whether those be the joy of new life; the fear, grief, and loneliness bought about by loss; the intensity of love and heartbreak; the damaging effects of abuse and anxiety, the sadness at saying goodbye to old friends, or the stress of financial hardship and societal pressures; The Caterpillar Life thoughtfully expresses emotions that many are unable to. 

Symbolic of the caterpillar, this volume encourages the expression, and letting go of that which causes pain. It also serves as a message to embrace love, be patient, and stay determined- because change always comes. In accepting the past and expressing our emotions, we are often able to let go of that which no longer serves us; and in turn move forward in life. 

Accompanied by a series of revealing photography that truly depicts the depth and emotion behind each poem, Miss Yankey’s final instalment is a emotional experience. Reflect upon the words of her work as you pore over a collection of perfectly pensive portraits. 

*Creatives required* Portrait photographers to translate the emotion from the page into pictures. For example:

If you are interested in collaborating please do get in touch to discuss the project further at