The Land of Zing Zang

“Writing poetry for my children is almost like mixing a magic potion; one I know is sure to capture their attention and imagination in an almost hypnotic like manner!”

— Miss Yankey

Like many mum’s I’m always looking for new ways in which to engage with my children. For me, making up stories, nursery rhymes, songs and poems for my daughters is almost like mixing a magic potion; one I know is sure to capture their attention and imagination in an almost hypnotic like manner!

What started as a few little funny poems to amuse my daughters, has now turned into a children’s pocket poetry series! Apparently my girls aren’t the only ones who so far have enjoyed listening to ditties about Chunky the Monkey and Co; so I am currently in the process of writing more poems which together will form a series titled ‘Tales From the Land of Zing Zang’.

“ So, what’s so good about poetry and how can it benefit children ?”

Poetry is a powerful learning tool which can nurture skills in young children that are transferable in many ways . First and foremost, reading poetry to your children is an opportunity to simply spend time with them in a fun way. Having a collection of short poems to refer to means you can have a 5 minute bedtime story or a 20 minute reading session. If you’re not a keen reader yourself, a quick poem is often more appealing than an apparently endless children’s trilogy!

I need you to be more specific please .”

1. can easily make poetry interactive by reading the poem in part and letting your child fill in the missing rhyming word/phrase.

2. Poetry with short lines and repetitive phrasings can teach children to process information in an organised way.

3. Poetry can help to develop listening skills, as children focus on rhythms and patterns.

4. In recognising patterns children start forming logical conclusions about “what happens next?” Early lessons in progression and storytelling.

5. Poetry develops a child’s inferencing skills! The patterns and rhyme in poetry make it easy to memorise lines, and even stanzas.

6. The rhythm and rhyme in poetry can aid in developing memory skills – important for your non-reading toddlers, who must rely on their memory to “accumulate text”.

So, in short there are at least 6 good reasons that you should read and share my children’s pocket poetry with your little ones! Asides from that it’s free, easy to read- and it’s written with big and little kids in mind.  As the year progresses I will be releasing more children’s pocket poetry for you to enjoy.

I have already had requests from teachers to use my poetry in the classroom, and I am more than happy for my poems to be used for educational purposes. I just ask that you credit me.  I have also been invited to perform for nurseries and schools too.  Currently in the process of developing interactive poetry workshops for children, I am keen to hear from educators who would be interested in bringing children’s pocket poetry into their classrooms.

Please feel to read, share and enjoy with the little people in your lives- and do get in touch if you would like to learn more about my developing project.

Miss Yankey