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Miss Yankey has stacked up 1000s of writing hours in recent years, championing free writes as a part of her creative practice and development. Having taken part in writing sessions with some of the scenes most respected Spoken Word artists Miss Yankey (and her pen) have built up a solid reputation for not only writing freely on demand, but also for inspiring others to write too. 

As a writer, Miss Yankey welcomes and has completed commissions for clients ranging from The Historic Royal Palaces to designer fashion brands; technology giants, charity organisations, artists, and travel companies. Spoken Word Poetry can be used to inspire audiences and call them to action, the structure and rhythm of words can give them greater power and make what is written more memorable making it a growing choice in creative spaces from advertising to theatre. 


If you would like to explore how Spoken Word can be used to compliment your project or brand please get in touch. 

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