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"Being able to talk honestly & frankly has been great, I have never been able to do that before. It has given me the confidence to talk about difficult subjects and helped me to open up without any shame. It's been brilliant, I've always loved poetry, and this was a great way to express. I am healing! This poetry has given me a light for me to express myself in a safe way. Thank you Miss Yankey!”

- Anon group member, WE:ARE UK


“I attended a Poetry Prescribed Workshop at a recent conference. My initial scepticism soon turned to realisation that the poetry workshop was a wonderful means of accessing thoughts and emotions whilst stimulating discussion. The workshop was thoughtfully conducted by Miss Yankey. I am very happy to recommend Poetry Prescribed to others.” 

- Dr Andrew Walsh,

Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University


“Big thank you to Poetry Prescribed for providing a very interactive, fun and heartfelt session. We needed to bring more fun and creative ways to get young people aged 11-16 to express their emotions and feelings and you delivered. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, talents and motivations for using poetry to express. A great tip to prevent a mental health decline and sustain a happy hobby. Thank you!” 

- Kaysen Asante,

City, Hackney & Walthamstow MIND


“The whole afternoon was insightful, honest, supportive, and filled with good vibes. Regardless of whether you write every day or have never written before - this workshop can and will accommodate you, whether it be through actually writing poetry or the freedom to discuss and interpret poetry. It’s a beautiful, liberating environment and I’m so glad I came across this."

- Chelly Le Roc, 


Since launching Poetry Prescribed in 2017, Miss Yankey has connected with thousands of people, most of whom with little to no writing experience. Miss Yankey takes pride in supporting people to explore their own creative abilities, and in turn to confidently express their thoughts and feelings. Spoken Word offers meaningful activity which encourages and enables improved self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health. Miss Yankey’s workshops promote the therapeutic benefits of Spoken Word and creative writing; and provide valuable self management tools. She believes that equipping people with the ability to express themselves in a healthy and creative way not only boosts confidence, but can also have a positive effect on their long term mental health and wellbeing.

Miss Yankey has a breadth of experience having worked with organisations including BBC Radio London, London’s City Hall, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Birmingham University, Rethink, Youth Realities, Women & Girls Network, London Academy of Excellence, and Mind. Poetry Prescribed have facilitated workshops to children and young people in both educational and social settings, corporate organisations looking to promote creative thinking and writing for wellbeing, community mental health services (CAMHs) seeking therapeutic activity for service users, women's groups and organisations wanting to provide safe spaces for their service users to express, and many more. Miss Yankey has a over 100 workshops covering a wide variety of subject matter available including:  ’An Introduction to Spoken Word’,’Writing Slam Poetry’, ‘Writing Affirmations & Setting Intentions’, ‘Discussing Mental Health’, ‘Culture of Violence’, ‘Surviving Loss’, ‘Pursuit of Happiness’,’Sisterhood, Selfcare & Creation’  many more.

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