Miss Yankey has released multiple Spoken Word music projects, including her debut EP ‘Shadow Work In The Waters.

So far this year Miss Yankey has had Spoken Word released on two different music projects with her poem ‘Stop It’ appearing on The People’s Army album ‘P.I.L.I’, as well as lyrical poetry verses on four tracks. Miss Yankey also released a House Music project with Saison who took a poem she wrote and fused it with a Deep House track which has had over 20,000 streams since its release. 

In 2021 Miss Yankey made an appearance on five Music projects, four of which were collaborations with other Spoken Word artists. First up her 'Lemon Pepper Freestyle' on which she fused lyricism and poetry on a popular Drake beat. Next, 'Crudentials' and 'Slaughter in the Water', collaborations with poets Y.A and PoetiKAH produced by Femi Santiago. There was also her collaboration with AMD Speaks on a track titled 'Grand Rising', along with her feature on Tommy Evans 'Crystal Cul-De-Sacs'. 

In addition, Miss Yankey has Spoken Word Music on UK rapper Logic's album 'I Am King' for which she wrote the introduction track 'Black King', and another House track called 'One Less', a collaboration with Urban Sound Lab which was released on Local Talk Records.


Currently writing and recording new music, Miss Yankey continues to develop her unique fusion of Spoken Word, music, and lyricism. 

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